100%* of our AUTOMATIC Pupils Passed their Test....Whos Next?

get driving lessons Derry with Aim 2 Pass School of MotoringIsn´t Life just Complicated Enough....?
It´s just got a whole lot EASIER....

Would YOU like to Pass YOUR Test quickly & inexpensively without the worry of gears or clutch?

Have YOU failed several tests having spent a fortune on driving lessons......or have You ever thought about giving up learning to drive?

YOUR solution to Passing YOUR Test is when YOU learn with Aim 2 Pass Automatic!

Give us a TRY and get to know our Cars
& Us without putting your time & money at risk!!

YOU will Benefit from Learning in our Automatic by:

  • Just steering and 2 pedals which means You just stop & go....." No Gears...No Fears!!! "

  • Having more time available to concentrate on reading the road.

  • Giving You more time to concentrate on controlling Your car.

  • Allowing You more time to develop judgement of Your speed and steering skills.

  • Filling You with Loads More Confidence - no stalling the car or rolling back on hills.

  • Finding the simplicity of driving our car makes it Quicker and Easier for You to Learn.

  • Helping You to Adapt to todays busy stop/start of town and city driving.

  • Being reassured that our car is fitted with HE-MAN Dual Controls which means we can Help You when needed


* Based on Test figures from 6/12/09 - 18/12/11

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