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After Passing his Test some years ago, Caomhan approached me looking to regain confidence and reassurance to drive again on his own. Heres what he had to say after my refresher training package course: "During my lessons you gave me step by step guidance on the safest, and best way to drive. You also gave me the confidence to know I can drive on my own. You showed me the easiest and best way to carry out all the Manouveres and plenty of tips to help remember them easy. Thanks Davy! " If you also have lost your confidence to drive , or just struggle on reversing as an example, why not give me a call to see what I can do to help?


“I have massively enjoyed learning to drive with Davy. He is a patient, caring person and delivers his lessons in a way that is clear and well-paced. He´s got a bubbly personality and is really easy to get along with. It is clear that he wants the best for all his pupils and this is evident from lesson 1. I enjoyed absolutely every lesson including the lessons where mistakes were frequent. I am now a far more confident driver and am so happy to have passed, but I will miss my weekly lessons as I secretly really enjoyed them! I couldn’t recommend Davy highly enough.”

Passed first time

" A great teacher is someone who can figure out how the student learns and adjust their teaching style to you...and that it what Davy is. To learn something new can be daunting, to learn to drive can be terrifying. I should know, I´m 36 and definitely not a young fearless teenager. From the very first lesson Davy made me feel relaxed, calm and safe. There is a French word- sangfroid (meaning cold blood) but the English connotation is unflappable and that is something Davy exudes. He gave me clear and concise definitions of road rules and manoeuvres. He showed me alternative ways of doing things, ways which suit my learning style. My lessons were filled with humour and fun. I can´t remember how many times I said "I´m sure I shouldn´t be enjoying my driving lessons so much". Today I passed my driving test and I don´t know how I could ever have passed it without Davy. I feel safe and confident on the roads. Me the usually giddy and daft girl is transformed into a calm, zen like driver. I think the sense of sangfroid is rubbing off on me. I really cannot thank Davy enough."


“ Well Davy now that it has all settled in I want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Never in my life did I ever think that I would be able to drive. I had never driven a car before I started with you. From the very first lesson you showed nothing but care and support for me as a pupil. I could tell how passionate you were about your business. Now here we are the test has come and gone and what a great result we got. I couldn´t have done any of this without you. Having you present in the car whilst doing my test was nothing but comfort and support and I´m so glad I chose to have you there. I will miss our Monday mornings together having the crack whilst learning but I hope whoever gets you next enjoys every single lesson just as I have. You were an absolute pleasure to work with Davy and you are such a gentleman. You should be proud of your success and I hope it continues to grow far and wide. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to learn and this I will be doing to each person I tell my story to and each one of my clients. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together and I appreciate every single minute you gave me. Time for someone else to get a chance to enjoy your jokes lol Thank you so so much for everything. I will miss you, but I´m sure I´ll see you about. May 🚗 “

Passed first time

"I started taking lessons with Aim 2 Pass in October, having failed my driving test the previous October with a different instructor. In just 6 weeks of Davy´s intensive Friday lessons I passed my test with 7 minors. I was nervous about returning to driving but Davy put me very much at ease and I looked forward to every lesson. I always felt I could approach Davy about any concerns and ask for revision of aspects I felt unsure or not practised enough in. By the time I took my test again I felt confident and that my driving was good and not just sufficient. Thanks Davy, couldn´t have done it without you! "

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