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Learnerstuff is maintained by a fully qualified Driving Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructor and is designed specifically for people who are learning to drive and is still totally free to use, even the free mock theory tests.

Driver active

General advice to help you get started on the road to passing your test. You need a voucher code to gain access. Just ask during lesson for it!!!

The Official Highway Code for Northern Ireland

The Official Highway Code for Northern Ireland is essential reading for everyone. Its rules apply to ALL road users: pedestrians, horse riders and cyclists, as well as motorcyclists and drivers. Why not test Mum or Dad...I bet they have forgotten most of it!!!!

Know Your Traffic Signs

Traffic signs play a vital role in directing, informing and controlling road users’ behaviour in an effort to make the roads as SAFE as possible for everyone.

This makes a knowledge of traffic signs essential.

Pedestrian Injury Simulator

This inter-active online tool simulates the effects on a drivers reaction time, hence stopping distances, depending on the speed, distraction or alcohol. A further factor affecting stopping distance is wet conditions. Input your chosen speed, select your conditions and then click Run the Simulator.

Each scenario shows typical stopping distances for those conditions.

First time Pass Rate!

Figures Based on DVA 2018

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